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Wee Wen Bin 黄文斌

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Nanyang Technological University Singapore

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My Story

Hello, I'm Wen Bin, a creative technologist with a passion for design, engineering, and technology. I thrive on the intersection of these disciplines, constantly seeking innovative ways to blend aesthetics, functionality, and cutting-edge advancements.


With a background in electrical and mechanical engineering, I am driven by a relentless curiosity to explore new possibilities and solve complex challenges through a user-centric approach. From conceptualizing elegant designs to bringing them to life with meticulous engineering and leveraging the latest tech trends, I am dedicated to crafting meaningful and impactful experiences.


Let's engineer a future where creativity and technology converge to shape a better world.



NEXUS is an interactive gamified hospitality experience, housed in a regenerative dome in Neom. The dome regenerates the desert, and boasts native plants and species, allowing a full immersion into nature. At Nexus, our guests are the heroes in a quest where each successful mission helps restore the environment.

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