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Sustainable Hospitality 
A Future driven by the next generation of hospitality players 



Established as a platform that challenges innovative hospitality approaches for the last nine years, SHC has evolved into a global knowledge-based initiative. It has empowered the next generation of hospitality professionals who are currently in the academia world to further push the boundaries of innovation and to create value-added solutions.


These solutions will in turn contribute to the larger vision of a sustainable world and hospitality landscape supported by like-minded sustainability-driven corporate organisations seeking to bring the new ideas to life in a meaningful and impactful way.

Paul Griep 
Founder of Sustainable Hospitality Challenge
Director Industry Relations & Alumni

Hotelschool The Hague 




To bring together best in class Global Universities, and create a community of like-minded talented students , to develop hospitality solutions.


To drive innovation to preserve the sustainability of our world and our industry.


To bring this student community, the corporate world, accelerators and investors together, to give the utmost effort and exposure and allow these innovations and solutions to come to life and have a meaningful impact on the entire ecosystem.



Launched in 2014, SHC is Paul Griep‘s, Director of Industry and Alumni Relations, brain child. Having held key functions in big global corporate hotel chains, and being an entrepreneur himself before entering the education field, Paul’s motivation was to create something with and for students with a meaningful purpose, ensuring the that the customer journey, i.e. the ‘student journey’, remain at the forefront of the SHC initiative.


Post to a nine-year evolution and following many developments, SHC continues to grow. The student experience is spreading globally, creating quite a buzz in the industry.


It has positioned SHC as a platform to keep a close eye on, as the sustainability innovation is still in the very initial stages of where the world needs to go to next.


What better place to accelerate this then together with generations who believe the most in a sustainable future, who are driven, supported and led by some of the most experienced and influential leaders in the industry.

HTH-Sustainable Hospitality Challenge(RG
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