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Viktoriia Bakshinskaite


Hotelschool The Hague

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My Story

I am Viktoriia Bakshinskaite, a Lithuanian Bachelor student at Hotelschool The Hague in my last year. My professional experience spans 6 years and involves a range of backgrounds, from esteemed brands such as Conrad (Hilton Worldwide), to multinational OTAs such as 


My passion for hospitality and creating personalised connections is what brought me to Hotelschool The Hague and fuelled my interest in Sustainability. Through my education and the former role of the Chair of the Sustainability Committee at my university, I have discovered the importance of innovating business models to cater to the planet and people. 

The projects pursued under my leadership involved fundraising, raising awareness in the student and local communities, promoting recycling and optimising use of resources within the university. However, I wish to make a greater impact in transitioning towards net-zero outside of my community which is why I plan on pursuing further education in Sustainability and Green Energy. 

The Sustainable Hospitality Challenge is a great opportunity to bring young creative minds together to find new ways to build a better, greener future for resource-intensive industries such as Hospitality. I am proud to be part of the joined team from Hotelschool The Hague and Nanyang Technological University of Singapore with the concept Nexus. Our concept deploys latest technology to create unique, gamified guest experiences, while regenerating the desert terrain of Saudi Arabia. 



NEXUS is an interactive gamified hospitality experience, housed in a regenerative dome in Neom. The dome regenerates the desert, and boasts native plants and species, allowing a full immersion into nature. At Nexus, our guests are the heroes in a quest where each successful mission helps restore the environment.

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