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Ryan M. Laver 

Cornell University

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My Story

I am a fervent devotee of hospitality and an interior design aficiando, with an academic foundation forged at esteemed institutions such as Cornell and EHL.


Named Swiss Who’s Who Millennial of the Year in 2022, this accolade is a testament to my vision on the future of luxury hospitality. My passion extends beyond the glimmering corridors of high-end hotels and chic boutiques to the raw and untamed landscapes of the Antarctic. A daring two-month work experience at White Desert Echo Camp awaits me in December - embracing extreme remote locations to unearth new dimensions of luxury and transformational experiences.


My dream to open my own designed boutique hotel is fueled by my dedication to creating hyperpersonalized guest experiences and a love for aesthetic refinement. My work experiences at luxury maisons; Louis Vuitton, Cartier, the Yacht Club de Monaco, and AMAN Resorts, narrate a story of ambition, heritage, innovation, and unrelenting pursuit of excellence.


A Cornellian with an eye for detail and a heart filled with hospitality-warmth, my endeavors promise to redefine the future of ultra-luxury, setting new benchmarks for a purpose driven industry, where extraordinary experiences and positive impact converge in a harmonious dance – such as seen at Al Marjan.



Pioneering the future of ultra-luxury hospitality, where innovation meets regeneration, and where every underwater encounter deepens the symbiosis between built society and the natural marine world. Al Marjan invites its guests to  discover a realm beyond the boundaries of ordinary in the embrace of the first ever completely sub-aquatic resort. A coral nursery and space for an enlightened community of like-minded individuals who cherish the world's oceans, come together to nurture the delicate marine ecosystems, and contribute to a symbiotic future that celebrates the coexistence of humans and nature.

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