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Ryan DeGraw

Cornell University

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My Story

With a diverse background that spans international experiences, passion for hospitality, and emphasis on sustainability, I bring a unique perspective to the table as an ambitious professional.

I began my academic journey at the College of the Holy Cross, where I completed a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Environmental Studies. After graduation, my desire to delve into the world of hospitality led me to New York City, where I began working within the Wine and Spirits sector. This exposure inspired me to pursue further education to enhance my analytical acumen and problem-solving abilities within the hospitality domain. It was at this point that I returned to University to begin the Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) Program at Cornell University.

Currently, I am pursuing the MMH degree with a focus on financial and real estate analysis. Within this, I am combining my academic achievements, work experiences, and an inherent passion for the world of hospitality and sustainability, to position myself to make significant impacts, bettering our industry and society. 



Pioneering the future of ultra-luxury hospitality, where innovation meets regeneration, and where every underwater encounter deepens the symbiosis between built society and the natural marine world. Al Marjan invites its guests to  discover a realm beyond the boundaries of ordinary in the embrace of the first ever completely sub-aquatic resort. A coral nursery and space for an enlightened community of like-minded individuals who cherish the world's oceans, come together to nurture the delicate marine ecosystems, and contribute to a symbiotic future that celebrates the coexistence of humans and nature.

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