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Preview of the reports - Hotel Institute Montreux

It's time to have a look on another innovative solution towards more sustainable future of the industry.

This time we will dive into Hotel Institute Montreux and their invention for Dimension 1, Future Brand: ECOLUXPOD.

ECOLUXPOD’s vision is to design and create a fully sustainable resort community for the 2050 future circumstances in the Swiss Alps of the canton of Ticino, more exactly in Monti Sciaga, which is located in the Italian-speaking region of southern Switzerland. Our mission statement - "Growing together in a sustainable future" - becomes the central focus of our brand concept. And with that in mind, the name of our brand incorporates the idea of making living sustainable. Like that, ECOLUXPOD stands for an ecological as well as a luxurious environment, ranging from welcoming residents into our local community that will be first established with the introduction of sustainable pods.

Ourcmission is to upcycle and rehabilitate areas as well as buildings that have been left behind, due to people leaving to bigger cities, which had a much more appealing offering at the time. We place people back to areas that already offer an available infrastructure to live in, and have the modern possibilities of remote as well as a practical work environment. Apart from that, we aim to be captains of the future industry not merely by taking hospitality to the next level, but also by hosting an entire community.

We believe that recycling can be connected to larger matters than the everyday factors, as reviving old abandoned cities can be exploited for their existing infrastructure. Our demographic wants to improve their lifestyle to the greatest extent possible through the eyes of a comfortable environment around nature, and less on ownership. Social, cultural diversity, and inclusion will be implemented by offering different positions within the community. This will be feasible by having multiple partnerships with, for example, the government, charities, or other social services and funds.

Likewise, our product sets out an easier way to live a carbon-neutral lifestyle, without wasting time and energy on thinking about how to be more eco-friendly, as our residents will live in a community that shares the desired values and provides mostly ecologically sustainable products and services.

Therefore, ECOLUXPOD is a brand that will be part of the future, eventually. As our human nature is to find the most comfortable way of actually doing something, our brand involves creating opportunities for our potential clients to choose us and maintain a sustainable lifestyle effortlessly.

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