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Preview of the reports - Haaga Helia

It's time to have a look on another innovative solution towards more sustainable future of the industry.

This time we will dive into Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and their ideas for Dimension 1 - Future Brand.

Could we imagine a life where sustainability is integrated into a daily routine that does not require additional costs or knowledge?

Every house will be equipped with modern innovations that allow us to recycle at home, keep a small greenhouse in apartments, or even have a system that reads the nutrition needed to consume today. This "perfect" scenario is the way we see 2050.

Only 30 years from now, humanity will adapt to a new living style supported by brilliant innovations and technologies. Simplified life will allow us to have more free time, work on ourselves, and contribute to society. Self-development will generate new needs and priorities and therefore impose new strategies to the hospitality industries. New values will become essential. Generating revenue will no more be the main aim.

Meaningful experiences provided through nature, our most abundant resource, is the inevitable future of sustainable hospitality. Nature-based hotels orientated on prominent issues of technologically equipped world-is a new generation of hotels that provide unique mental recharge.

Our brand stands for the importance of mental health and nature's effect on it. Our research represents the switch of the environment and society from the technological environment to nature and its outcomes. As well the study will prove the necessity of a nature-based hotel brand.

The nature-brand is not focused on making us live longer; it focuses on improving our lifestyle. The luxury of experiencing wellbeing is the engine of our nature brand.

As a team, we believe that the life of 2050 will be no more about saving the world. We believe that the technological revolution would move us towards a safer, sustainable, stable future. The main concern will be staying healthy, living long, happy, and integrating these concepts from a hospitality brand to our basic daily routine. Our nature brand can offer luxury escapism in the nature that the population of 2050 will positively need.

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