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Kim van den Bongard

Hotel Management School Maastricht

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My Story

I noticed from a very young age onwards that I had a passion for storytelling. To use my creativity and imagination without any limits. At first I wanted to become a film director and writer, but luckily I started to work in a restaurant from the age of 16. I discovered that I could use my storytelling and combine this with a dining experience. To make guests connect again with themselves and others, but to connect them with the beauty of food and beverages as well. 


During my years at the Hotel Management School Maastricht, I focused on my goal. To give everyone a chance to escape reality for a moment. To relax and forget about all the stress and problems they are facing. To make the impossible possible and think outside of the box every day.


If I have sparked your curiosity, I am always open to meet new people to share stories with.



Ukiyo enables everyone to connect with the roots of Mother Nature and find their purpose of being a pure human again. To achieve this, Ukiyo follows a new approach: connecting by hiding.

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