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Elisa Schembri

Politecnico di Milano

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My Story

Born and raised in Italy in a big city near Milan, I’ve studied scenography during the high school learning how to manage big and complex project and cooperate in groups, facing all the difficulties as a leader. I'm always been a curious girl who wants to change the point of view from which to observe across the world, one brick at a time. This vision plus the innate sense of connections with young people thanks to volunteering with teenagers in Church, bring me to study interior design at university at Politecnico di Milano, with a special focus on public and temporary places, where in my opinion the center of social life takes place.

Thanks to the passion for this work, I graduated in July 2023 and i'm persuasive to continue the studies in this direction, to improve my hard skill, maybe while I'll working in an interior study to open my mind on real life project.



Humans are behaving like parasites, damaging the initial balance of the natural ecosystem.

It's time to be part of the change: Hòstraka aims to protect the marine ecosystem while demonstrating how a sustainable vision can coexist with an amazing navigation experience. Our inspiration came from the ocean, with the cleaning activity of oysters that are able to create pearls from something bad for them: we want people to learn from what nature has already proved, offering the cleaning and the pearl experience. The greatest pleasure will be for the guest, who will enjoy the sea like never before: respecting it.

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