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Desislava Paneva

Münster School of Architecture

My Story

Originating from Bulgaria and now establishing roots in Germany, I'm a dedicated female architect driven by a background in art. My journey through these diverse landscapes has kindled a profound passion for contemporary architecture and the transformative potential of emerging construction technologies. With a solid foundation in art and an unwavering appreciation for architectural aesthetics, my ultimate ambition revolves around crafting buildings that serve as wellsprings of 

Intrigued by the fusion of artistic expression and functional design, I'm committed to harnessing avant-garde building methods that push the envelope of conventional shapes and structures. Armed with a degree that melds creativity and technique, my vision is to sculpt spaces that not only captivate onlookers but also redefine architectural norms.

By embracing innovative materials and design philosophies, I endeavor to contribute to the urban landscape with structures that evoke emotion and provoke thought. My path is a voyage of crafting tomorrow's landmarks in the present, bridging the realms of imagination and engineering. With each creation, I aspire to leave an indelible mark on the skyline while continuously pushing the boundaries of what architecture can achieve.



Ukiyo enables everyone to connect with the roots of Mother Nature and find their purpose of being a pure human again. To achieve this, Ukiyo follows a new approach: connecting by hiding.

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