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Davide Grasso

Politecnico di Milano

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My Story

Davide. 22 years old. Always been fascinated by every type of projects, I'm now moving my activities and interests between graphics, photography, architecture and interior design. Graduated in graphic and communication design by the age of 19, I decided to study interiors at Politecnico di Milano to discover a different field of design and to improve my approach to this wide discipline.

My attitude to design has always given me very memorable results during my activities, shaping

my path to the future. But I know that without my hard working mindset I'll never reach my many

goals for life. I feel very confident about what I can do, with my designing skills giving all my projects a personal visual style. It's like I belong to design and design belongs to me.

Now spending my life in a continuos rush between university, projects, working, teaching and fitness, I'm very focused on self-improvement but also on helping people around me doing the same: that's why I always try to learn with curiosity. I do believe that designers in their activity can change the world and the support of a great team is the key to actually do it.



Humans are behaving like parasites, damaging the initial balance of the natural ecosystem.

It's time to be part of the change: Hòstraka aims to protect the marine ecosystem while demonstrating how a sustainable vision can coexist with an amazing navigation experience. Our inspiration came from the ocean, with the cleaning activity of oysters that are able to create pearls from something bad for them: we want people to learn from what nature has already proved, offering the cleaning and the pearl experience. The greatest pleasure will be for the guest, who will enjoy the sea like never before: respecting it.

visual h不traka.jpg
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