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Christian Brunnert

Münster School of Architecture

My Story

Hailing from the borderlands of Germany and the Netherlands, my upbringing seamlessly blends cultures, fostering a unique perspective that I channel into my pursuit of architecture. As an architecture student, my passion thrives not only in design but also in the symbiotic relationship between innovative technology and captivating spaces.

Guiding aspiring minds as a tutor at my university, I impart the art of design and the marvels of new technologies for form finding. This role is a conduit for my passion, allowing me to learn from my students as much as I teach them.

Stepping beyond the drawing board, I've ventured onto construction sites, assuming the role of a coordinator. This experience has bestowed upon me the wisdom of bridging the gap between design dreams and the practical realm of construction.

My aspiration lies in crafting spaces that transcend the ordinary – environments that stir emotions, stimulate thought, and resonate with the essence of those who inhabit them. As a fresh graduate, my compass points toward dynamic enterprises, where I can fuse my insights from the 
classroom, the site, and the borderlands to propel innovative space creation.

With a heart fueled by cross-border influences, a mind ignited by technology, and a mission to inspire through inventive architecture, I seek to craft spaces that not only excite but also genuinely serve the 
people within them.



Ukiyo enables everyone to connect with the roots of Mother Nature and find their purpose of being a pure human again. To achieve this, Ukiyo follows a new approach: connecting by hiding.

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