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Anthony Wilson

Culinary Institute of America

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My Story

Howdy! I am Anthony Wilson and I’m about to begin my second year at the Culinary Institute of America pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management degree.


Before I knew my heart and hands would belong to the world of hospitality, I have always been driven to care for others. What was supposed to be a short summer job at a country club quickly became an obsession as I dove head-first into what I now know is my life’s calling. The immense satisfaction found in creating unforgettable food, drinks and experiences has brought me to the Culinary Institute of America to hone my craft and to broaden my horizons.


My mother and late grandmother instilled a love for gardening in me from a young age, and I see our industry as a garden as well. We have the beautiful privilege of creating spaces and communities that highlight the beauty of life wherever we open our doors, and like any garden that takes immense attention and commitment. However, alongside all the work that we put in, we create fertile opportunities for our teams and guests to bloom, to drink in all the experiences and opportunities we’ve created for them. Instead of wielding a spade and pruning shears in my garden, I wield joy, compassion, and understanding in the gardens I’ve been allowed the privilege to care for.


With my gardener’s mentality towards my work, my passion in hospitality lies in cultivating our guests’ experiences with us through meticulous attention to detail and working with open hearts, as well as applying that same level of compassion and willingness to develop staff.


This competition has been an absolute joy to be a part of, and in meeting my fellow contestants in Amsterdam, I have never before felt my heart so aflame with passion for the things yet to come in our field. The opportunity to compete at an international level and to be exposed to so many incredible people has been amazing as I haven’t yet had the opportunity to see much beyond my home in New York and the U.S..


Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn with the link above, especially if you share a passion for compassionate and interpersonal service!



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