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Andrew Bialosky

Culinary Institute of America

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My Story

I’m Andrew Bialosky, a dedicated individual from New York City. Currently, I'm pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management at the Culinary Institute of America. My journey into this field started back in my early restaurant experiences, igniting a passion within me for the industry.


With a penchant for genuine guest connections, I thrive on creating a welcoming atmosphere. My vision lies at the crossroads of sustainability and hospitality, as I aspire to provide top-tier service while minimizing environmental impact.


My academic journey includes courses like Food & Beverage Management, Marketing and Promoting Food, Financial Accounting, and Product Identification, enriching my perspective. Presently a management intern at Wequassett Resort & Golf, I oversee the operations of the prestigious fine dining restaurant, 28 Atlantic. Here, I adeptly orchestrate guest relations and nurture a positive work environment.


Being an esteemed member of the Eta Sigma Delta Honor Society, my commitment to excellence is evident. My recent Management Internship at Wequassett Resort & Golf earned me the coveted "The Power of One" Award. My dedication to enhancing guest experiences and driving sustainable practices illustrates my embodiment of hospitality's spirit.



Discover Fytosi, where the philosophy of "nurturing through nature" permeates every aspect of the guest's experience. Inviting guests on an extraordinary journey of sustainability, culinary excellence, and holistic well-being, Fytosi aims to inspire individuals to embrace a harmonious relationship with the environment.

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