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Uddhav Prasad


Cornell University

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Uddhav's Story

A 2nd generation hotelier, Uddhav was introduced to the world of hospitality at the age of six. Fascinated by the opening of the first hotel that entailed festivity, contemporary spaces, well-appointed rooms and clockwork operations, he had subconsciously embarked on his hospitality journey that would culminate as an investor-owner-operator in the industry.

Eager to augment his business acumen, Uddhav completed his Bachelor of Arts in Economics, with double minors in Statistics and Accounting, from the University of California, Los Angeles. He furthered his quantitative and qualitative skills as an Advisory Risk Consultant with Deloitte & Touché in San Francisco, gaining experience in financial reporting and transformation. In 2016, Uddhav followed his inner calling and forayed into the hospitality industry through the family business. From restoring heritage hotels and expanding sales networks to innovating food & beverage practices and curating guest experiences, Uddhav executed multiple responsibilities across various hotels & resorts. His passion to create experiences saw him collaborate with leading Indian hospitality brands. Driven by his purpose to connect across cultures and build a better community, Uddhav became the youngest elected president of a Business Networking International (BNI) Chapter where he created a chapter vision, defined goals and led a group of influential business owners to grow their own businesses.

At Cornell University, Uddhav is completing his Masters in Management of Hospitality (MMH) and is expected to graduate in December 2022. He is determined to push the conventional boundaries of hospitality to create unique guest experiences - physical and experiential, centered around building sustainable communities; all with the purpose to give back in the future.

“Sustainable hospitality is no longer a futuristic proposition; we have to take responsibility now, and strive towards a better future by pioneering sustainable operational frameworks that transcend the conventional boundaries of hospitality. Our industry exhibits the passion to innovate life-changing concepts, and harbors the gift of bringing people together - a truly unique combination with the potential to deeply influence human nature. Having witnessed firsthand the transformative power of hotels in communities, I am driven by hospitality projects that foster sustainability, inclusivity and well-being in their societies. I believe that hotels make an impact at the grass roots to serve as building blocks, even in the most remote locations, and give back to the local community. The SHC, and its partnership with NEOM, inspires me to seek new opportunities and solutions that fuse hospitality with nature, society and culture. I feel empowered to make a difference and push the industry to contribute towards a sustainable future. Our time is now.”

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We believe full-spectrum sustainability across development, operations, and strategic vision is central to the future of hospitality—for external and internal reasons. From an external perspective, our industry must play its part in the growing worldwide efforts toward creating a sustainable global society and economy—a critical need of the hour. However, the internal reason may be more pressing: customers are increasingly seeking bespoke, authentic experiences steeped in the natural and cultural heritage of their destination. Standardized, big-box hospitality may continue to lose favor with the modern traveler who wants new, unique experiences delivered in a sustainable manner. To thrive in such a future, leisure hospitality must work to preserve and celebrate such heritage and offer guests an unprecedented immersion in it.


NIMBUS embodies this vision: a carbon-neutral operating model that offers authentic and thrilling excursions while protecting the very destinations we deliver visitors to, and leaving no footprint.

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