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Sofie Engel


Hotelschool The Hague

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My Story

From an early age on, I was curious about the world. I was interested in the life of others, their beliefs, culture, country of origin, and careers. The hospitality industry was therefore the perfect career fit for me. However, I quickly realized that the glory world of 5-star gastronomy is not as perfect as it seems. While I was educating myself about environmental, economic, and social sustainability, I saw no change in the hospitality industry. For me, that was a sign that we not only have to change individually to have an impact but also together, by being environmentally conscious while traveling. My goal is to combine both aspects in a way that the luxury hospitality industry does not have to make any sacrifices by becoming sustainable. This challenge, and especially our community plan brings us closer to the goal of changing the planet to something greater - together! Together, we will change the way we live and educate the next generation - Generation NEOM. NEOM will be the future of all societies - where we live to learn and learn to live. 

My passion for the hospitality industry equals my passion for sustainability. Combining both passions, is the goal I am striving for and the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge is giving me this unique opportunity to come closer to it. But how can this dream be achieved? It starts with the people, the way we think, learn, live, and behave. It begins with our Community Plan in NEOM. Where we create a society that will change the world. A place where we live to learn and learn to live.  

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They strive to build a community that ‘lives to learn and learns to live’. Their vision for NEOM is to set an example for the world by creating Generation NEOM, a generation prepared for the future. Generation NEOM will be created by the means of a revolutionary education framework that integrates futuristic learning and state-of-the-art technology whilst understanding the true meaning of living. This framework believes in equality, innovation, creativity, culture and sustainability in a holistic sense.

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