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Roxane Poncin


Swiss Hotel Management School 

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My Story

My name is Roxane Poncin and I am currently studing my bachelor in International Hospitality and Events Management at the Swiss Hotel Management School in Switzerland. 


I grew up not far from it in the French Alps. From a very early age, I had the amazing opportunity to travel around the world, discover new culture and develop my sense of curiosity. 

However, hospitality has never been a dream to me or a path already drawn. I actually wanted to be a theatre actress. Looking back at it, I understand now that it is a very similar industry. I still wear a costume, go on a stage and create memorable experiences. I believe that I have discovered what I was truly meant for, when as an highschool student I decided to leave France, and settle in the US for a year. I loved going out of my confort zone, meeting new people and facing new challenges. 

I am a hospitality student, and I attend to stay in this field. During my Management trainee in Dubai I have discovered a true passion for the F&B department, a passion that I kept developing over the summer as an Asssistant Restaurant Manager in Sicily. 


"Taking part of the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge was a unique opportunity, and the chance for me to open my mind to something that goes beyond classic hospitality. Dunya will be the future of accommodation, and bringing this project to reality is a journey that I never thought I would be part of. Nevertheless, it makes it just more exciting !"

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Dunya is a circular living concept providing the comforts of a home while taking natural elements into consideration. In harmony with the surroundings, she borrows the earth she sits on to return it unharmed. With this alternative for compact and minimalistic living, Dunya can also be moved to other locations where needed. Dunya is the perfect solution for sustainable flexibility.

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