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Rebecca Zimmer

Hotel Management School Maastricht

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My Story

As an aspiring hotelier of the 21st century, I am inquisitive about every encounter. Growing up with a Eurasian background, I have always had an appreciation for the beauty of cultural diversity which is reflected in a blend of my Taiwanese modesty and German precision.


After attaining my International Baccalaureate Diploma in Taipei, I am now pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management in the Netherlands. These experiences are what inspired my sustainable initiatives which continuously drive me towards bringing about change in our industry as a pioneering thinker.


My long-term goal is to lead at the forefront of our industry by continuously challenging the status quo. My efforts were recognized as I took on my new position of General Manager at a boutique hotel in Maastricht, the Netherlands throughout the summer period.


Something personal about me besides my academic endeavors would be that I am always up for a good conversation about all things unconventional.


Now, let us show future generations what it means to be human by putting sustainability on all our agendas!

"Life. Energy. Nature. The three core components with which we redefine sustainable living beyond 2030. I am immensely grateful to leave my mark within the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge, as it intertwines perfectly with my long-term goal of standing at the forefront of sustainable hospitality. Now, let us put sustainability on all our agendas!"

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Life, Energy, & Nature. Three core values with which LEN redefines living. With a focus on three respective strategies: a data-driven personalization strategy to elevate Life, a circular power strategy to preserve Energy, and a future-proof aquaponics strategy to enhance Nature. All coming together in the central LEN Area where a community-focused blend of Life, Energy, & Nature comes to play. Come join the #LenExperience 

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