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The creator of communities - SEVCCO

The last concept and post of series is called SEVCCO and was developed by Eve Mignot, Lukas Lauber and Stefano Abedum de Lima from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.

SEVCCO is an acronym for Shared Economic Value through Co-living Cooperative Opportunities.

On the short-term SEVCCO aims to create co-living spaces in developed countries to fight current problems such as loneliness, housing crisis or unsustainable living. On the long-term the concepts aims to first of all, address all SDG's and to export the concept to developing countries to counteract slum development. In the final stage, people and planet live together in a symbiotic relationship.

Find out which main role the hospitality industry plays in SEVCCO and how the concept is worked out in detail in the executive summary and investors deck down below.

Investors Deck
Download PDF • 74.20MB

Executive Summary
Download PDF • 99KB

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