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Preview of the reports - Modul University

It's time to have a look on the last but not least, of all the innovative solutions towards more sustainable future of the industry.

This time we will dive into Modul University Vienna and their ideas for Dimension 2: Future Real Estate.


Sustainably creating space and reinventing community settings are the central aspects around our concept. Adding value to the living quality of our end user, local producer, business partner and environment without making use of any additional energy is what we aim for. Our immediate environment inspired us to adopt our concept of modular honeycomb accommodation and amenity units which are installed on top of or next to large office spaces. Seeing as these are owned by large investment and industrial holding companies, local real estate investors and private equity firms as well as companies that actually own their own office buildings, our business would primarily be focused on business-to-business customers.


The extremities will be constructed off-site and transported to the site of installation. Only green and durable materials from within the community will be used, if not available our supply chains will only consist of rail, inland waterways or electric vehicles. After thorough research on the location of installation, multiple facets of renewable material will be included in the structure of our cubicles/units. Apart from the physical structure, diverse rooftop gardens, solar panel trees, solar windows and other sources (according to availability) will be implemented.


A greenhouse unit/s will come with every installed unit, maintained by a local horticulturist or expert. The greenhouse will provide fruits and vegetables for the F&B department and food waste will in turn feed the greenhouse. This will also form part of the educational process, namely, growing food indoors. We will be making use of a variety of technologies mentioned in the discussion to create an optimal community space and create a phenomenal experience for the residents. Once again technology and equipment used is mainly dependent on the availability of the local community. We are dedicated to only have art that is made from recycled material and from charity/disadvantaged organizations/groups from the community.


Recreating a community setting is one of our main concepts, thus the main aspects of our concept is based on co-living spaces. It is of utmost importance to us to provide spaces which will not only improve the living quality and longevity of residents but also improve their experience and knowledge on sustainability.


Education is an empowering tool that can change behavior positively. It will be a strong pillar of our concept. There will be constant messages and interactive information about the sustainability of products and amenities. Furthermore, the greenhouses will also be an educational tool for future indoor ‘farming’.

Future Prospects

Our concept can be adopted by hotels around the world which they could run for businesses, but it is of utmost importance that the patent used will include our concept of sustainably creating space and reinventing community settings. Because our concept is so versatile and mobile, units will be able to be upgraded with the latest more energy-efficient technology as it becomes available in the next 30 years to stay up to date with the latest trends and demands.

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