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Preview of the reports - ITHQ

It's time to have a look on another innovative solution towards more sustainable future of the industry.

This time we will dive into Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec and their invention for Dimension 1, Future Brand: The Partaker.

The Partaker is an educational hotel whose purpose is to resolve the social inequalities of education.

At first glance, The Partaker resembles a typical upscale, highly advanced, hotel brand. What differentiates it from the others, is its participants commonly referred to as partakers, or P-takers for short – a believer who joins in an activity, a person who is part of... Its founders, who value constant learning as the best tool to help communities grow into prosperous ones, have made it the essence of the concept’s value proposition. We truly believe that education in 2050 will be shaped differently; as technology advances and becomes available to all, so will education. The traditional campus as we know it will no longer exist and accreditations could potentially no longer matter. This is where The Partaker comes into play. We see and recognize education in its broadest sense; the process of teaching and learning from various sources – every P-Taker will be encouraged to live that definition to its fullest. The Academia is defined as our knowledge service. From the main entrance to the themes of the rooms, no aspect will be left unexplored. From the plants potted in glass vases that let you see the roots to the hi-tech ceiling of your room which lets you gaze into the night sky – with its 4-D rendering of the local night sky – we developed a concept where guests, employees and partners have the opportunity to learn from everything to anything, with our H2H approach.

The people employed by The Partaker, also P-Takers, are locally based and represent contributors to the brand. Letting them personally grow within the brand by giving them just as much learning opportunities as our guests. For the community to feel even more as P-takers, we help fund a variety of school renovations, programs and activities in the aim of a resilient community. As a brand, we do not believe in building new, but rather in the retro-commissioning of buildings – with the help of locally renowned architects and artists, we also value local partnerships to supply our daily amenities.

As brand creators and leaders of tomorrow, our aspiration is to revolutionize hospitality – and as we want to be the better version of that soon-to-be industry, we feel as part of that change starts with everyone who's involved also being the best possible version of themselves. Today, ‘’[many communities’] top priority should be given to analphabetism [and] school life [...] in order to improve both economically and sociologically” (Marin, J-C. & al. ,2018). We hope that not only will we enable that for society, but also give top priority to quality of life and personal development/growth in order for both the industry and the community to thrive – by creating a mindfulness and sustainable experience.

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