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Preview of the reports - Hotel Management School Maastricht

It's time to have a look on another innovative solution towards more sustainable future of the industry.

This time we will dive into Hotel Management School Maastricht and their ideas for Dimension 2 - Future Real Estate.

As long as we exist, human creatures need water in order to be alive. People will always feel the need to connect with each other and the need for water is one of the aspects that connects people all over the world. Before airplanes were evented, explorers conquered the waters in order to discover new places and new tribes. It is a fact that the world will change tremendously by the time of 2050; however, all the predictions made for how the city of the future will look like, are just assumptions. Regardless, some things in this world will always remain the same: the basic human needs for sleep, shelter, water, air and nutrition.

Our vision is to create a world in which the basic needs of humankind will be fulfilled without neglecting the needs of the earth itself.

We want to achieve this goal by acknowledging that both humankind and the earth need water in order to exist. Prioritizing water is the key to let a positive energy flow through the building to connect people in a sustainable way. Additionally, the focus on sustainability drives us to create an energy positive building which benefits both humankind and the earth.

Water will function as the central aspect in our building. All three phases of water, solid, liquid and gas, will play an important role in the building; the solid phase represents the building itself, the liquid phase represents the people floating through the building and the gas phase stands for the underground, non- visible part of the building.

The building will fulfil the basic human need for sleep and shelter. By implementing multiple different areas, with different purposes, people will be connected with each other. The positive energy will be felt in the hotel, apartments, retirement homes, offices, restaurant and common areas. This building will not only fit perfectly in the purpose economy, but also offer a solution to prevent elderly loneliness.

Besides from sleep and shelter, humankind needs fresh water and air. Fresh water and air are currently being destroyed by us, even though we cannot live without them. It is undeniable that it is time for a change. Our building will fulfil the basic needs of humankind while also complying with the needs of the earth by becoming an energy positive building. Our building of the future will not consume more energy than necessary nor make use of fossil fuels. To visualise the whole process from generating energy to consuming energy, we will look at four angles of energy: energy generation, energy transport, energy storage and energy use.

For obvious reasons, food production is the core of every functional community. We decided to dedicate a special focus to it in developing our concept. The last basic need for human’s life is nutrition. Our future space will provide a solution to the space constraint of 2050 in collaboration with the Canadian company GreenForges. A new technique, underground farming, is slowly but certainly making its entrance into the agricultural world. It is about giving an unused space a sustainable purpose. There is a unique combination of benefits gained by having an underground farm. The benefits cover economic, sustainable and social issues of the future. Our underground farm will add a lot of value to the building. We will be able to offer our inhabitants, workers and visitors the healthiest food, grown sustainably right below their feet. It gives an extra dimension to the building and tells a story everybody is amazed by.

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