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Preview of the reports - Hong Kong Polytechnic University

It's time to have a look on another innovative solution towards more sustainable future of the industry.

This time we will dive into The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and their invention for Dimension 1, Future Brand: Hospitality Happiness Brand.

In 2050, rapid climate change and technological developments will significantly change how people see their true happiness and perceive their good life. They will be used to overconsumption and materialism, and they will want to pursue something beyond this. They will recognize that giving involves greater happiness than merely receiving, and they will be willing to cooperate with others to produce mutual happiness. This new state will change the meaning of hospitality, which will move towards a sustainable, community-oriented, caring model – one beyond individualist consumption and mere luxury.

Based on the Gross National Happiness framework (or GNH) (Ura, 2016), which highlights people’s inner fulfilment by taking care of the environment, community and the people, a sustainable hospitality brand will be developed. This brand will be named the Hospitality Happiness Brand. By aligning the concept of happiness with the concept of hospitality, it aims to create happiness and fulfillment by helping visitors find their true meaning in life. It is different from existing models like corporate social responsibility or ecotourism, because it focuses more explicitly on producing greater happiness and the good life, while also including care for the community and care for the natural environment.

The vision, mission and values of the Hospitality Happiness Brand therefore centre on inner (psychological) and mutual (social) happiness, along with environmental protection, community involvement and family connections. Activities for visitors help demonstrate its brand philosophy. Visitors can participate in different initiatives, including attempting sustainable agricultural practices, making handicrafts with recycled materials, taking care of stray animals and so on. The works produced by those campaigns or initiatives can be sold, and the profits can be donated to the local communities and charities. Media events and talks will be delivered to promote the brand values and attract visitors who want to pursue greater happiness through those meaningful activities.

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