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Internship opportunities at Kerten!

Supporting the young generation is not just our mission! It is part of our DNA and Vision for the industry!

Our team LOVEs mentoring, connecting and collectively delivering hand-in-hand with the next generation of hospitality game-changers who are dedicated to reinvent a more sustainable industry and a better world for all, and who seek IMPACT not words.

WE NEED you and want to invite you to join our Kerten Hospitality family. Here are the internship roles we have for you:

1. Business Development (Spain or remote)

2. Sustainability, People and Culture (Germany or remote)

3. Community (Georgia or remote)

4. Operations (UAE or remote)

5. Marketing & Digital Marketing (UAE/Jordan or remote)

6. Special projects (remote)

7. Graphic Design (Riyadh)

Do you want to learn more?

Kerten Hospitality ( is a mixed-use, ESG and lifestyle operator managing/operating hotels, branded residences, serviced offices and social/business Hub workspaces complemented by F&B, health and wellness components. Among our brands are: The House Hotel& Residence. Cloud7 Hotel & Residence, Mhamo, Nakhati, UBBU (our ESG initiative)

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