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An invitation to Design, Tech and Architecture Universities to join SHC 2023!

Come help us broaden our horizons!

The 2022 edition of the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge has been a great success. We are so pleased that this year’s Challenge has reached even higher levels of innovation and realisation of the winning concept.

Missed the finals? Watch back the pitches at SHC Finals 2022:

Post to an eight-year evolution and following many developments, SHC continues to grow. The student experience is spreading globally, creating quite a buzz in the industry.

Looking into the future of the Challenge, and next year’s 2023 edition, we are eager to extend our invitation to participate in this challenge to design, technology and architecture Universities. As the concepts have become more complex, viable, and intricate, and our goal to ensure that they become a tangible, existing realisation indisputable, merging creative hospitality institution concepts with sound architectural input and great sustainable and innovative design is a must.

We currently already have several prestigious Design, Technical and Architecture Institutions on board from Europe and the Middle East, and are looking to expand that number. These teams would be working in conjunction with hospitality teams to create a fully developed, architecture- and- design sound, sustainable concept to introduce during the challenge. We believe this collaboration will not only add sophistication and expertise to the student proposals, but will also broaden their horizons as they work with international students from other disciplines from some of the top schools in their field.

Are you part of an architecture, design or technology institution, and interested in participating in the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge of 2023?

Then please contact:

+49 176 70058382

+31 6 51324647

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