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Philip Dieckmann


Hotelschool The Hague

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My Story

Growing up in a small German town, I was never exposed to any challenges or threats to the environment. Because of my family’s love for traveling, I got the opportunity to travel the world and understand the privileges I have and how difficult it is to sustain and deal with the threats in the environment. This made me eager to have an impact and wanted to raise ecologically and socially awareness of sustainability.  


When I discovered my passion for hospitality I dreamed about a utopia, an industry where people have all equal chances, an industry without any harm to the local society and environment. That is when I came across the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge, where I finally have the chance  to make an impact, not only locally but globally. 


In the future, I want to work in hospitality with a strong focus on developing people and implementing sustainable components within the hospitality industry. I want to incorporate sustainable living into the general mindsets of the people in our industry and turn this industry into a role model for other sectors. After the finals in Dubai, I aim to continue with our community plan with my team and turn it into reality!” 

"I am more than grateful to be part of the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge, which allows me to positively impact sustainable developments in the hospitality industry as sustainability is now more crucial than ever. This journey brought us together and has shown me that nothing is impossible as every single person can make a change. Our community plan will lie the foundation for any future society, a society where we live to learn and learn to live!"

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They strive to build a community that ‘lives to learn and learns to live’. Their vision for NEOM is to set an example for the world by creating Generation NEOM, a generation prepared for the future. Generation NEOM will be created by the means of a revolutionary education framework that integrates futuristic learning and state-of-the-art technology whilst understanding the true meaning of living. This framework believes in equality, innovation, creativity, culture and sustainability in a holistic sense.

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