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María de la Concepción Andrés Senante

Hotel Management School Maastricht

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My Story

¡Hola! My name is Maria and I am from Spain.  

I study hospitality management at the Hotel Management School of Maastricht (the Netherlands), where I have been President of the Student Council for the last academic year. I am a very open, passionate and enthusiastic person who loves to cook, dance and travel. I love to do those things with my family and friends. My personal values are passion, professionalism, respect, inspiration, family and responsibility. Everything I do revolves around these values. Currently, I am learning all I can about sustainability and cultural differences. I am a person that looks for constant challenges, as I get bored very quickly. Therefore, I looked for additional academic challenges and decided to represent my school in the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge!  

"Life. Energy. Nature. These are the three key values that define the future of living. The future I want to live in. Sustainability should be implemented in our daily life and should not be though of something for the future. That is why I want to make this long-term goal the present by participating in the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge. I am grateful to have the opportunity to create the future I want to live in!"

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Life, Energy, & Nature. Three core values with which LEN redefines living. With a focus on three respective strategies: a data-driven personalization strategy to elevate Life, a circular power strategy to preserve Energy, and a future-proof aquaponics strategy to enhance Nature. All coming together in the central LEN Area where a community-focused blend of Life, Energy, & Nature comes to play. Come join the #LenExperience 

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