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Ioana-Ilinca Balanescu


Hotel Institute Montreux

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My Story

To be direct, I guide myself after the following quote: "Everything you imagine, is real". When faced with a challenge or obstacle I wonder how creative I can be, how many paths there can be taken.


Hello, I'm Ioana Ilinca Balanescu from Romania, but you can call me Ilinca. I am doing a BBA in Hospitality Industry on the beautiful shore of lake Leman, in Montreux.


About myself, I am a dual, active learner who is curious about both sciences and humanities. I am that person who sees bad and good and doesn't choose between movies or books, mountains or beaches.


Also, I love all arts and I believe that is a core passion of mine which directed my career into hospitality because in itself I could see design, theater, luxury, and communication. Another interesting fact is that I was an intern marketeer for Jumeirah Cluster Hotels in Dubai during the second half of 2021. In the near future, I am aiming for a financial position to extend my knowledge, and to ultimately apply my Wealth Analysis university specialization.

"This world needs a wiser set of actions. I don’t see anymore students who are not aware or not involved in climate change. This challenge brings all of us together, us who do care. I believe there can be a touch (or more) of sustainability in everything we do, and that is why I also believe in my team, and what we can do again and again, together."

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