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Ioana-Ilinca Balanescu


Hotel Institute Montreux

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My Story

To be direct, I guide myself after the following quote: "Everything you imagine, is real". When faced with a challenge or obstacle I wonder how creative I can be, how many paths there can be taken.


Hello, I'm Ioana Ilinca Balanescu from Romania, but you can call me Ilinca. I am doing a BBA in Hospitality Industry on the beautiful shore of lake Leman, in Montreux.


About myself, I am a dual, active learner who is curious about both sciences and humanities. I am that person who sees bad and good and doesn't choose between movies or books, mountains or beaches.


Also, I love all arts and I believe that is a core passion of mine which directed my career into hospitality because in itself I could see design, theater, luxury, and communication. Another interesting fact is that I was an intern marketeer for Jumeirah Cluster Hotels in Dubai during the second half of 2021. In the near future, I am aiming for a financial position to extend my knowledge, and to ultimately apply my Wealth Analysis university specialization.

"This world needs a wiser set of actions. I don’t see anymore students who are not aware or not involved in climate change. This challenge brings all of us together, us who do care. I believe there can be a touch (or more) of sustainability in everything we do, and that is why I also believe in my team, and what we can do again and again, together."

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We live in a world divided by niche markets, and as niche as you can go, the better. Do you think you’re alone ? Well, you’re not. Hospitality is changing. Striving for both remoteness and togetherness, Gamethyst is the world’s top gaming hub. It spans tournaments, training and relaxation areas, where top athletes and fans can have an authentic yet sustainable experience. Gamethyst builds a place where people become their better self through technology, only by simply playing. Reconnect, Rethink, Recreate!

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