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Presentation to boss

Guide to SHC Deliverables

Welcome Teams,

Your submissions are crucial— they're the very foundation upon which the jury evaluates the viability of your business idea and decides if you're set to advance to the Finals. We understand that comprehending the full scope of expectations and finding the right direction can be daunting.

That's precisely why we've created this guide: to offer you a starting point and demystify the process. Should questions persist after exploring this resource, our team is readily available to assist you. Don't hesitate to get in touch for further clarification or support.

Let's embark on this journey together, transforming your innovative ideas into reality.


Investor Deck

Investor Deck is a significant part of your submission, this is where you will fully outline your business plan and all the technical details that went into developing your product.


Pitch Video

Your Pitch Video is your chance to test-drive your actual pitch. Develop a strategy for an exciting and informative way to sell your product in 4 minutes. This is your first shot at selling your idea, which will later be developed based on the feedback provided by our team.


Pitch Supportive Material

Your pitch is nothing without some supportive materials. Use your Pitch Supportive Material to excite the investors, capture their attention, and provide the key information they need to close the deal: video, music, props - sky is the limit when it comes to the Pitch Deck.


Your Investor Deck is pivotal, accounting for 50% of your score as a finalist. This document is your golden opportunity to succinctly outline your business plan, mission, the challenges your product addresses, your solution's development strategy, target audience, and financial roadmap. It's more than just a presentation; it's a narrative of your venture's potential, showcasing the technical sophistication of your product in a format that's visually engaging, reader-friendly, and exciting.

Craft a narrative that's clear, accessible, and comprehensive. Above all, your Investor Deck should weave a compelling story, creating a "golden thread" that connects every aspect of your business proposition.

General Guideline:

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Past Participants' Investor Decks:


Not sure where to start?

Watch this video for some inspiration


The Pitch Video is an important part of your preparation for the Semi-Finals.

Treating this pitch video with the seriousness and dedication of your final presentation will not only prepare you for the competition but also arm you with personalized feedback that focuses on refining those critical, often overlooked elements of a successful pitch.


You can submit your recording in a simple 4-minute video to our SHC Team via the WhatsApp team group chat, or via


We strongly suggest doing it no later than a week before your Investor Deck deadline, so that feedback on your Pitch can still be integrated in your Investor Deck if necessary.

The eventual final Pitch will be given on stage at the Semi-Finals and can still differ greatly from your practice Pitch Video.

We suggest that you check out some Shark Tank pitches as inspiration for your pitch.

You can watch some of them here:

Pitch video deadline:

We strongly suggest submitting your Pitch Video no later than the following dates, so that our team has enough time to provide you with feedback:



Asia & Africa




Public Speaker

The Perfect Pitch: Masterclass by Paul Griep

11 April 15:00 CET

We've also got an exciting surprise to bolster your pitch efforts. Dive into the art of crafting a compelling sales pitch with Paul Grip, the Founder and the Sustainable Visionary Leader of the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge. Paul will guide you through the essential components of a powerful business presentation, highlighting the significance of both content and delivery. He'll share invaluable insights, including psychological strategies for engaging the jury and practical tips and techniques. This session is designed to refine your pitching skills before you create your pitch video and take it to the main stage, setting you up for success.

No preparation is needed for this workshop - just tune in and enjoy!



Grading Rubrics:
Asia & Africa

The Pitch Supportive Material is a slide deck that will help you enhance your Pitch on the big stage. You in no way are required to use the contents from the Investor Deck, but you can use any parts or the materials from the original Investor Deck. 

The Pitch Supportive Material should be in Power Point format. Further requirements for the Pitch supportive Material are outlined in the Grading Rubric, which can also be found below. 

In addition to that, we strongly encourage you to present the Jury with a prototype, or a physical 3-D model, which could the Jury better understand your product. At this stage, it does not need to be a functioning prototype.

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