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Eden Brachot


Cornell University

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Eden's Story

It was through hospitality - a teenager aboard a cruise ship - that Eden first discovered the power of design. Determined to learn the diligent planning behind high-performing and awe-inspiring spaces, Eden completed her Bachelor of Science in Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University. In New York City, she worked as a strategist at Cushman & Wakefield, Gensler, HLW, and coDesign, always advocating for the end user’s experience. She has enjoyed helping companies demystify their real estate challenges, articulate functional and cultural goals for the workplace, and translate these into design principles that improve their space and workflow. From a Mikvah in Ithaca, all the way to a Girls Academy in Ghana with NGO Voices of African Mothers, she has used these skills to give back to her communities. Now, she is back at Cornell, completing her Masters in Management of Hospitality (MMH), with expected completion in December 2022. Through the MMH program, she aspires to bring systems design and strategic innovation to hospitality settings, to craft experiences that unite people in meaningful and unexpected ways.

“I have participated in cross-disciplinary sustainability work since 2011. From creating a site rehabilitation plan that increases universal access to Cornell University’s Beebe Lake, all the way to arranging the construction of a Girls’ Academy in Ghana using bricks from a factory just 20 minutes from the school’s site. I am passionate about taking a holistic yet detailed approach to a problem to craft solutions that benefit the end user and our environment all at once. The SHC inspires us to push these topics and problem solving further, in the unparalleled context of NEOM. NEOM is pioneering new possibilities in sustainability and the built environment, against the backdrop of tremendous historical sites and natural settings worth preserving. This is the ultimate challenge to push our industry’s offerings further, in a conscientious way, to impress the discerning traveler while protecting the very destinations we deliver her to. I can’t wait to see where this project takes us next!”

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We believe full-spectrum sustainability across development, operations, and strategic vision is central to the future of hospitality—for external and internal reasons. From an external perspective, our industry must play its part in the growing worldwide efforts toward creating a sustainable global society and economy—a critical need of the hour. However, the internal reason may be more pressing: customers are increasingly seeking bespoke, authentic experiences steeped in the natural and cultural heritage of their destination. Standardized, big-box hospitality may continue to lose favor with the modern traveler who wants new, unique experiences delivered in a sustainable manner. To thrive in such a future, leisure hospitality must work to preserve and celebrate such heritage and offer guests an unprecedented immersion in it.


NIMBUS embodies this vision: a carbon-neutral operating model that offers authentic and thrilling excursions while protecting the very destinations we deliver visitors to, and leaving no footprint.

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