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Devashish Sharma


Cornell University

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Dev's Story

Dev is a hotel investment professional and a sequential-degree candidate (MBA’21 and MMH’22) at The SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University.

His professional journey has been a winding path, guided by the resolve to intertwine his analytical inclinations and his long-held fascination with hotels. Having received undergraduate and professional degrees in finance, he started his career in 2013 as a sector-agnostic M&A investment banker with the objective of building his core skill set and learning about various industries before choosing one to specialize in. In 2015, he moved to an investment underwriting role in the real estate space, learning the ropes on the other side of the negotiation table and deepening his expertise in the real estate asset class. Together, these roles provided him experience as an advisor to and an investor in M&A/debt/equity transactions worth US$ 500M+ and helped him develop niche skills to analyze hotels in their two intrinsic forms: consumer discretionary businesses and real estate assets.

In 2018, Dev took up the position of the investment manager at SAMHI Hotels (a hotel-focused PE platform in India), starting a journey toward cementing his specialization which brought him to Cornell. Having graduated with highest honors from the Cornell MBA program, where he focused on his functional specialization (private equity and investment banking), he is currently pursuing the Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) program with a minor in real estate to further hone his sectoral specialization. After graduating this December, he aims to return to a hotel acquisition/development role with a special focus on eco-hotels.

“The SHC resonates deeply with my personal and professional interest in the intersection of hospitality and sustainability. An explorer at heart, I am fascinated by the natural and cultural heritage around the world—a heritage we must preserve for future generations. And, as a hotel investment professional, I believe sustainability is not only a social responsibility for hotels, but also a powerful avenue for creating product differentiation, customer engagement, and operational efficiencies. Hotels can thrive in symbiotic harmony with the environment, society, and culture in the remotest of locations, offering unmatched potential for a mutually empowering partnership between for-profit business and sustainability initiatives. Sustainable hospitality is the next organic stage in the evolution of our industry, and I am excited to further explore this fascinating space with the support of the SHC platform.”

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We believe full-spectrum sustainability across development, operations, and strategic vision is central to the future of hospitality—for external and internal reasons. From an external perspective, our industry must play its part in the growing worldwide efforts toward creating a sustainable global society and economy—a critical need of the hour. However, the internal reason may be more pressing: customers are increasingly seeking bespoke, authentic experiences steeped in the natural and cultural heritage of their destination. Standardized, big-box hospitality may continue to lose favor with the modern traveler who wants new, unique experiences delivered in a sustainable manner. To thrive in such a future, leisure hospitality must work to preserve and celebrate such heritage and offer guests an unprecedented immersion in it.


NIMBUS embodies this vision: a carbon-neutral operating model that offers authentic and thrilling excursions while protecting the very destinations we deliver visitors to, and leaving no footprint.

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