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Amanda Enger


Hotel Institute Montreux

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My Story

Growing up, I have always loved doing new things. Traveling to different places and trying new hobbies. But something that always stuck with me was that I love making people happy. This was why I started a hospitality-focused high school and continued into university.


My name is Amanda Enger and I was born and raised in the South of Sweden. I am doing a dual Bachelor in Business Administration and a Swiss Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management at Hotel Institute Montreux in Switzerland.


My experience includes working in restaurants abroad, working in a business hotel front desk at 16 and having a problem solving mindset due to responsibility given early.


I aspire to work with people and help people become the best versions of themselves. As well as continue trying new things, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures.

"Sustainability is such a broad word. Something hard to grasp and understand. The Sustainable Hospitality Challenge is giving the youth a platform to speak our minds and highlight things we value. We are excited to spread the word of Gamethyst, showing our idea of a sustainable future."

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We live in a world divided by niche markets, and as niche as you can go, the better. Do you think you’re alone ? Well, you’re not. Hospitality is changing. Striving for both remoteness and togetherness, Gamethyst is the world’s top gaming hub. It spans tournaments, training and relaxation areas, where top athletes and fans can have an authentic yet sustainable experience. Gamethyst builds a place where people become their better self through technology, only by simply playing. Reconnect, Rethink, Recreate!

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